Finance Programmes

Customised financial understanding for all levels of management, from basic to advanced financial concepts for non-specialists. Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flows and working capital management. Clear, fun and instantly applicable back at work.

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Corporate Governance & Legal

Legal duties and responsibilities of directors. Case studies and legal precedents. King III, People, Profit, Planet; integrated reporting. Key areas of Board responsibility. Board Committees.

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Personal Financial Lifeskills

For the young: Preparing for life’s big financial decisions. Credit and its risks. Saving and investing. Taking care of family responsibilities.
For the experienced: Preparing pshchologically and financially for retirement. Provident and pension funds, tax, annuities, investing to avoid retirement gap.

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Business Understanding

Programmes for junior management and supervisory levels who don’t need to understand financial reports, but still play a huge role in the management of sales, costs and assets. Focus on ROA and the role of Quality and Waste in influencing Return on Assets.

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Quality & Customer Focus

Programmes at all levels with the aim of improving the customer experience through the focus on processes that produce the critical incidents ecperienced by customers.

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Tax / VAT Workshop

An essential programme on taxes for the business owner and entrepreneur, which covers company tax, individual tax and VAT.

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SMME Development

Programmes for entrepreneurs – from start-ups to established businesses, franchisees and business owners.

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Kolbe Wisdom

A unique way of predicting human behaviour and ensuring job fit in teams and when recruiting new staff.

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