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Delegates will understand the “big picture” of the budgeting process; the benefits of budgeting; the pitfalls of budgeting; the techniques of budgeting; how budgeting contributes towards return on assets – the ultimate measure of financial performance.  This understanding should contribute to improved motivation and skill in constructing and controlling the budget.


Facilitator led discussion; relevant case studies using company specific documents; discussion question exercises.


Course duration is one day.  Presented in company.


All managers playing any role in the budgeting process.  This workshop is designed as a one day “stand alone” but is most effective when used as a follow-on for delegates who have attended Stratagem’s “Operational Finance” programme.

Section 1Return on Assets – The Context of Budgeting
Lecture 1Revision of the ROA Model
Lecture 2Introduction to the relevant financial statements
Lecture 3Budgeting for Cost Control
Lecture 4Budgeting for Asset Management
Section 2The Budgeting Process
Lecture 5Understanding a Budget
Lecture 6Constructing and Co-ordinating the Budget
Lecture 7Controlling the Budget
Section 3Fixed and Variable Costs
Lecture 8Understanding Fixed and Variable Costs
Lecture 9Budgeting for Fixed and Variable Costs
Lecture 10Contribution Margins and Break-Even
Section 4Capital Budgeting
Lecture 11Reasons for Capital Budgeting
Lecture 12Methods of Capital Budgeting
Lecture 13Understanding “Time Value of Money”