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Process Improvement Workshop - Synopsis

This three day workshop is designed to equip the Process Action Teams (assigned by the Steering Team during Strategic Improvement Workshop) with the necessary knowledge and skills to control and improve their process on an on-going basis.
Part 1: Process Management Fundamentals
Deeming’s views on Process Management versus people management
Defining a Process; Examples of Processes; Benefits of Process Management
Part 2: Roles and Responsibilities
Clarifying the roles and functions of Process Owners, Process Action Teams and the Quality Steering Committee
Part 3: Defining the Process – Inputs and Outputs
Defining the beginning and end of the process
Defining the purpose of the process
Defining the inputs and suppliers
Defining the outputs and customers
Agreeing process requirements of supplier inputs
Agreeing customer requirements of process outputs
Part 4: Defining the Process – Work Activities
Flow-charting the process and identifying streamlining opportunities
Part 5: Identifying Variances in the Process
Dividing the flow-chart into units
Brain-storming problems/variances within each unit
Prioritising the most significant problems/variances
Plotting interrelationships between problems on the variance matrix
Identifying four high impact problems/variances for immediate attention
Part 6: Identifying Critical Process Measurements
Identifying “process wide” effectiveness and efficiency measures the the Process Action Team will use to monitor the performance of the whole process
Identifying critical supplier and customer measures and goals for continuous improvement
Part 7: Tools for Process Control and Improvement
Introduction to and some practice in using: Check-sheets; Pareto Analysis; Brain-storming; Cause and Effect diagrams; PDCA cycles and Force Field analysis.
The above workshop is highly interactive with 90% of the work being done by the team itself. The workshop concludes with the team presenting its findings to the Steering Committee. They then meet regularly with the goal of continuously improving their process.