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QualityWise Synopsis

The QualityWise programme aims at achieving the following:
  • To give the delegates a thorough understanding of what Quality as a philosophy and work ethic is.
  • To create awareness amongst the delegates of how their business is perceived by the customer.
  • To focus the delegates on processes that produce the product or service for their customer, either internal or eternal.
  • To help delegates to create quality in the workplace through customer focused teamwork.
Module A: Understanding Quality
The Meaning of Quality
Expectations and Experience
The Moving Target of Quality
Module B: Meeting Customer Expectations
Moments of Truth
The Cycle of Service
Module C: The Chain of Customers
Processes and the Customer
Module D: The Costs and Benefits of Quality
Failure and Prevention
What About Me?
The programme is driven by slides in Powerpoint, replicated in comprehensive delegate workbooks. The learning is facilitated by an instructor but takes place in a non-threatening team environment. Extensive use is made of vivid analogy and company specific case studies to enhance the learning experience.
A post-course application project is part of the learning process, where delegates transfer their learning to the workplace by removing barriers to quality and focusing on the creation of quality.
Course duration is two days. Presented in-company.
Non-management staff of all levels, including semi literate to illiterate employees. The programme is designed to carry the message of higher levels of internal and external customer service to staff who are directly involved in the hands on running of the processes responsible for delivering quality products or services to the customer.