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The Business Planning for Entrepreneurs programme is designed to provide a thorough understanding of what needs to be done before starting a business, or when considering expanding into new areas, services, or products.


Inputs from the course leader assist learners to relate the theory to practical examples from their own business.  Comprehensive workbook with case studies and practical examples.  Group work where information is debated and shared.


Course duration is two days.  Presented in company.


All individuals who are intending starting up a business or those thinking of expanding or diversifying into new areas.  It is also particularly useful for those in the process of applying for finance from institutions.  This programme runs at NQF Level 3.


Useful templates for SWOT PEST and Business Plan, association telephone numbers,  websites, Tax tips etc.

Section 1Selecting the Right Business
Lecture 1Background and Skills Inventory
Lecture 2Product vs. Service Businesses
Lecture 3Start New, or buy Existing?
Lecture 4Choosing the type of Business Entity (CC, Co-Op, Pty etc.)
Section 2The Business Plan
Lecture 5Product/Service Analysis
Lecture 6Market Identification and Segmentation
Lecture 7Competitor Analysis
Lecture 8Pricing Models
Lecture 9Strategic Planning Techniques (SWOT, PEST etc.)
Section 3Putting Numbers to the Plan
Lecture 10Forecasting and Budgeting Techniques
Lecture 11Forecasting Revenue, Cost of Sales and Gross Profit
Lecture 12Forecasting Direct, Indirect, Fixed and Variable Costs
Lecture 13Operating and Net Profit
Lecture 14Tax
Lecture 15Forecasting Asset and Liability Levels
Lecture 16Forecasting Cash Flows
Section 4Applying for Finance
Lecture 17Types of Finance available
Lecture 18Sources of Finance
Lecture 19Finance and Risk (Gearing
Lecture 20Collateral and Security
Section 5Franchising
Lecture 21The Nature of Franchising
Lecture 22Types of Franchise Models
Lecture 23Royalties: Responsibilities and Rights