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The Business Wise programme is designed to provide a thorough understanding of how a business works from a financial point of view, and how every employee can contribute to improved business performance by improving quality and reducing waste.


Pictorial graphics in a delegate workbook, as well as a cash flow simulation model are used to communicate basic business concepts.  These concepts are related to the job through extensive use of structured group exercises.  The programme forms the basis for an Application Project which requires every employee to analyse his/her job for quality problems.  The project facilitates transfer of learning and provides the opportunity for significant cost savings.


Course duration is two days.  Presented in company.  Further programmes can be conducted by licenced instructors on a modular basis.


All non-management employees who have less than a Grade 10 level of education.  The programme accommodates semi-literate and illiterate employees, as well as those with a greater degree of literacy.

Section 1Business Basics
Lecture 1Starting a Business
Lecture 2The Business Process (Suppliers-Business-Customers)
Lecture 3Money In and Money Out
Section 2Sales, Costs and Profit
Lecture 4Money In = Sales
Lecture 5Money Out = Costs
Lecture 6Profit and its Uses
Section 3Quality and Waste
Lecture 7What is Quality?
Lecture 8The Chain of Customers
Lecture 9Waste