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To provide contractors with a practical and enjoyable introduction to managing the financial aspects of tendering, margins and cash flow.


A delegate workbook with input from the course leader, group discussions as well as construction industry based case studies which incorporates all the above elements into an integrated learning experience.


Course duration is two days.  Presented in company.


Entrepreneurs and managers in construction and allied industries.

Section 1Income Statement Elements Turnover
Lecture 1“Selling” of materials and labour
Lecture 2Sub-contractor recoveries
Lecture 3Variation orders
Section 2Cost of Sales
Lecture 4Materials purchased vs. materials used
Lecture 5P & Gs and contingencies
Lecture 6Progress payments and invoicing
Lecture 7Stock on hand and work in progress
Lecture 8Direct costs
Section 3Gross Profit
Lecture 9Mark up and gross margin
Lecture 10Making enough margin
Section 4Operating Costs
Lecture 11Indirect costs
Lecture 12Salaries and related issues
Section 5Financing Costs
Lecture 13Interest cost and its effect on the bottom line
Lecture 14Leasing vs. buying
Section 6Net Profit
Lecture 15Taxation and SBC tax
Lecture 16Dividends and dividend tax
Lecture 17Retained income and equity
Section 7Balance Sheet Basics
Lecture 18Owners’ Equity and Liabilities
Lecture 19Non-current Assets and Depreciation
Lecture 20Current Assets
Section 8Cash Flow Forecasting