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To ensure supervisors understand the “financial fundamentals” of managing a business, including their key role in cost control and asset management.  Particular emphasis is placed on shareholder expectation and the influence of the South African economy on the financial services sector.

Business Game

A two hour business simulation game which reviews and summarises the entire content of the programme in a competitive, real-life performance situation, high activity and good fun.


The following modes of instruction are used to ensure a stimulating and effective learning experience:

  1. Input from course facilitator
  2. Easy to read programmed text
  3. Company related group discussion questions
  4. Case studies and revision quizzes
  5. In company application project and presentation


Course duration is two days.  Further programmes can be conducted by licensed instructors on a modular basis.


The Profitability, Shareholders and Assets for Financial Services programme is designed for supervisory management and requires that delegates be literate and numerate to a minimum level of Grade 12.



Section 1Income Costs & Profits
Lecture 1The Meaning and Measurement of Profit in Financial Services
Lecture 2Distribution of Profit
Lecture 3Investment Income and Premium Income
Lecture 4Supply and Demand in an Open Financial Market
Lecture 5Discussion Questions and Case Studies
Section 2Assets of the Business
Lecture 6Measurement of Asset Utilisation in Financial Services
Lecture 7Classifications of Assets on the Financial Services Balance Sheet
Lecture 8Measurement of Returns
Lecture 9Return on Investment; Performance Measurement for everybody
Lecture 10Case Studies, Revision Quiz and Discussion Questions
Section 3Shareholders
Lecture 11What Shareholders have the right to expect; Creating Shareholder Wealth; Measuring shareholder Returns
Lecture 12Earnings per share, Dividends per share; Return on equity and Dividend cover
Lecture 13• Discussion Questions; Case Studies
Section 4The South African Economy
Lecture 14Monetary and Fiscal Policy; Exchange Rates; Repo Rate; Discount Rates; Balance of Payment; Capital Account and Current Account
Lecture 15Measuring Economic Growth Rates. The effect of the economy on the Financial Services Sector