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  • To provide awareness and skills for effective management of personal financial affairs in preparation  for retirement, at the point of retirement, and after retirement.
  • The programme deals with the psychological aspects of retirement and the individual’s reaction to certain stimuli.
  • The programme facilitates taking responsibility for one’s own financial affairs with knowledge  and confidence, enabling retirees to survive and enjoy their retirement years.


Comprehensive facilitator-led case studies and group work.  Discussion exercises in small groups which facilitate the transfer of learning to the delegate’s life experience.


Course duration is two days.  Presented in company.


Supervisory and management level employees who are either approaching or already considering their Retirement and need to take better control of their personal financial planning and wellbeing.

Anybody who is thinking about or planning their life after retirement.


Useful numbers, websites, tips and forms


Section 1Starting a New Life
Lecture 1Dealing with the typical fears of retirement
Lecture 2The concept of control
Lecture 3Taking charge of your life
Lecture 4Visions and goals
Section 2Your New Life and Finances
Section 3Some Notes on Taxation
Lecture 6Medical Aid and Expenses
Lecture 7How are my retirement benefits taxed
Lecture 8Capital Gains Tax
Section 4Budgeting, Retirement Gap and Financial Planning
Lecture 9Alternatives for measuring the Retirement Gap
Lecture 10Financial Planning for Retirement Gap
Lecture 11Budgeting
Lecture 12Preparing a Basic Financial Plan
Lecture 13Estimating the Retirement Funding required
Section 5The role of credit in our lives
Section 6Savings and Investment Options
Lecture 15Unit Trusts
Lecture 16RSA Savings Bonds
Lecture 17Annuities
Section 7Considerations When Looking Ahead
Lecture 18Insurance
Lecture 19Life Assurance
Lecture 20Marriage and Money
Lecture 21Some Estate Planning Basics
Lecture 22Wills and Testaments