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This programme is aimed at operations and clerical staff who are responsible for recording or capturing liabilities from supplier invoices or dealing with either accounts payable or receivable matters where VAT is an integral part of their day-to-day routines.


A delegate workbook as well as a range of case studies and workshop work.  Discussion exercises in small groups facilitate transfer of learning to the delegates.


Course duration is half a day.


Operations and clerical staff who deal with VAT on a daily basis.

Section 1VAT Basics
Lecture 1The basic workings of VAT
Lecture 2The concept of Value Added
Lecture 3VAT Registration
Section 2The Tax Invoice
Lecture 4Invoice vs. Tax Invoice
Lecture 5Full vs. Abridged Tax Invoice
Lecture 6Petty Cash slips
Section 3The VAT Control Account
Lecture 7Accumulating the liability
Lecture 8The VAT Reconciliation
Lecture 9The VAT Return and payment dates
Section 4VAT Exceptions and Adjustments
Lecture 10Allowable Input VAT
Lecture 11Disallowable Input VAT
Lecture 12Airline Tickets
Lecture 13Deemed VAT
Lecture 14Account Write-offs and bad debts
Lecture 15Settlement discounts
Lecture 16Penalties and interest
Lecture 17The ‘net drop’ method of establishing VAT liability for gaming revenue
Lecture 18Input VAT on:
Lecture 19Prizes (accommodation, meals, free weekends at other resorts)
Lecture 20The casual link principle and how it affects the ability to claim input tax
Lecture 21Loyalty points – when to claim VAT
Lecture 22Complimentary drinks/food/accommodation for MVGs – bona fide promotional activities
Lecture 23Motor cars (bought as prizes) when and how much VAT we can claim
Lecture 24Wide Area Progressives – VAT implications of the participating casinos and the casino where the jackpot is won