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29 May 2018

The Bucket and the list


This is a financial article, but let’s start with some history… Always good.

Kicking the bucket possibly has its roots in someone first standing on an inverted pail or bucket whilst having a noose around their neck and then giving the pail a swift kick, with fairly obvious and terminal results. It may also derive from the way pigs were slaughtered many barbaric years ago.

Kicking the bucket is right up there with shuffle(ing) off this mortal coil (Shakespeare) and joining the choir invisible (George Eliot and later Monty Python) when we need euphemisms to describe the final trip, the crossing over, the grim reaper and so on. We seem fairly obsessed with trying to find other ways of saying death. That’s very interesting really because dying is actually not a problem. Living is. Not only because living costs money, but we are living longer and longer!

As we go along, we fill our buckets with hopes and dreams still to be experienced, lived and enjoyed. Many of us defer, delay and postpone enjoyment and special dreams in the belief that once we retire we will have the time and the money to do all of these wonderful things.